Nicole Cook is a nominated costume designer, business owner & visual fine artist based out of her home state of Massachusetts. She graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Design Letterform & a Minor in Art History from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. She uses her extensive background in mixed media photo processes & graphic design as the cornerstone of her costume creative process. Nicole has been a part of design teams for films, television & print. Her work has brought her across New York & New England. Prior to her entertainment industry career, Nicole became the proud owner of her fangirl fashion startup company, juxta/con•vâri, Inc. in 2014. She has since used her business experience to design & produce custom apparel graphics for films such as Manchester by the Sea & Super Troopers 2. She is a proud member of the Costume Designers Guild Local 892, United Scenic Artists Local 829 & IATSE Local 481. Nicole now resides in Massachusetts, with her adorkable husband and their fur babies, Aldo & Bueller.